This innovative program, proven by results is simple and powerful. You will change the why you eat not just the what you eat. You will learn to change the fundamental relationship you have with food and yourself.
Weightboss for life guarantees that with implementation you will develop habit changing skills needed to live the life you desire. A life of vibrancy and personal power around your weight, food and health.


Changing habits and feeling powerful about your health, weight and energy is the foundation for creating a vibrant life full of possibility. This program has been developed with the latest research regarding habit change, neuroplasticity and the knowledge/skill awareness to break through the noise regarding diet, eating, mindset and exercise – all together shifting old habits to new.


  • change your eating habits for life
  • tap into the power of the subconscious mind
  • decrease stress and sleep better
  • shift your perspective on food, eating, and your weight
  • practice and implement slight edge principles for massive results with you weight, your health and your goals
  • change your limiting beliefs about both your weight and your health
  • cut through all the nutritional noise discovering a balanced diet for you
  • self hypnosis
  • Learn how to manage your desire, urges, and cravings

Weightboss for life is founded on the latest scientific research behind weight loss and habit change.

Five-star reviews on LinkedIn

One tip Kandice gave me, because I love eating cheesecake, was “don’t chase the rush” The first bite is what satisfies your cravings, so don’t deprive yourself. Take one bite and then stop. Every bite after that is never as good as the first. It has changed how I manage my sugar cravings. Thanks so much.
***** Kandice is a skilled and dedicated therapist. Her approach to weight management is insightful and her work with Kandice is certain to reach another level entirely!
***** These ladies have years of knowledge and personal experience to help is the most impactful way!
***** Kandice has been a great help with sleep and weight loss. She is a very caring person and I highly recommend her.
***** Working with kandice helped me shift my limiting beliefs that were creating roadblocks to reaching my goals. Her coaching and hypnotherapy, combined, helped me to become more aware of my thoughts and how I can change them. I was able to break past old fears and get clear about my personal and professional goals.....Kass
***** When I turned sixty, I decided that it was time for me to start looking at what was going on with me, my weight and my health. I was not in a good place, I did not like how I looked, and felt. My confidence had completely slipped away. I was stuck. Working with Kandice was my birthday present to myself. I had tried to lose weight on my own, it never seemed to work, and I just end up gaining it back or even gaining more weight. I felt like my body was different then everyone else’s, I felt like something was wrong with me. Kandice helped me understand the relationship between my diet, my hormones, my emotions, my thoughts, and how all this translates into results. She gave me the tools, skills and insight to change my habits now and in the future. The hypnotherapy really helped to relax into the process and break through old patterns of thinking that were not helping me. The hypnotherapy, coaching and information helped me gain control of the amount of food I was eating and helped me learn about myself and my body. I now trust myself, to make the necessary decision that keep me in control of my health, my weight and my future. I have a eating plan that works for me. That I have a long-term plan is even more important. I now know how to work with my body and not fight my body. I have lost 30 pounds over the past 6 months and I know it will not find its way back to me. I am in control. I look and feel better than I have in years.....Kim
***** My weight loss has been an inner growth journey and I didn't expect it to influence so many areas of my life. My self-confidence and mindset have impacted how I show up in both my personal life and in my business. Thanks to Kandice Wirch, and the Weightboss for Life program, I am 30 pounds lighter than I was 4 months ago and I am not done yet. I will never diet again! I feel empowered in my relationship with food and myself.....Tammy
***** I love how I can really eat anything I want. I just need to plan. Make some adjustments to compensate and I am good. The teaching on how food interact with my hormones and hunger made a difference for me. Thank you, Kandice Wirch, for showing me the way to work with my body and my mind.....Nicki
***** Kandice unique approach of coaching and hypnotherapy helped me reach my health and weigh loss goals. She worked with me on shifting my limiting beliefs and she gave me strategies to become more aware of my unconscious thoughts. She was easy to talk too, caring and compassionate. I was able to see how my limiting beliefs have stopped me, in the past, from reaching my goals. I was able to apply her practical tools to change my habits and stop using food to manage my emotions. I am so much more aware of my thoughts and how I can manage my mindset to achieve any goal I have. I know I have the skills to manage my weigh long term.....Kendal
***** The Weightboss for life program has help me to rediscover a healthy relationship with myself and food. I no longer feel powerless to change my health, weight and life. I know how to work with my thoughts and my biology to lose my weight for the very last time. I feel empowered. I do not feel like I am on a “diet”. I am living life while getting healthy.....Luann

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